Showcase you and your business

Production Line, Nissan Motors UK, Sunderland

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing you and and your business.

Whether your business has 1 or 1,000 employees, it is full of personalities and stories. So why use stock photography that tells nothing about who you are and what you do? My photography helps you connect with your customers by showcasing you and your company, telling the story of your business, its activities and surroundings. With a background in editorial and reportage, I can bring your business alive in a way that clean, slick, lifeless stock images never can, to create engagement with the people who matter – your customers.

My commercial work covers all aspects of people and location based photography, including PR work, event coverage, architecture and portraiture.

Case study: ‘Reportage’ advertising shoot for Aspers Casino


I was recently commissioned by Aspers Casino in Newcastle upon Tyne to create a set of images that showcases what the Aspers Casino experience is all about. These images are to be used for promotional purposes, in particular for promoting their new casino in Milton Keynes. Hence the images will be used across the web, in magazines and even across billboards.

The casino industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with a number of key players filling the market. For this shoot, Aspers were keen to adopt a different look to their imagery, to set them apart from the crowd. Many industry players use corny, staged, “High fivin'” imagery, and Aspers wanted to create something more natural, that the regular non-casino going public would connect with. To do this, we gave the models (10 in all) a set of chips and simply let them play. My job was to capture the action in my own way.

I was really pleased that I was selected for this on the back of some of my reportage travel work, and that a client of this stature trusted my vision. It was a really exciting project to work on. Here are some images from the shoot, including some images of the images in use, where they really come alive…