Record events and experiences

Image of Malaysian delegation at the House of Lords, by James Sebright.

Stand out from the crowd by recording your events and experiences in a professional manner.

My photography of your events and experiences allows you to demonstrate to stakeholders, funding bodies and other interested parties what it is that you do, whilst allowing you to attract new customers or funding opportunities through strong image-led marketing campaigns. Quality photographs of your event can also be used for press and reporting purposes, capturing the essence of an occasion as an observer.

Events that I cover include, but aren’t exclusive to…

  • openings
  • conferences
  • group events
  • performances
  • gigs
  • festivals

I include amongst my clients in this area Baltic, Gateshead, for whom I do Press and PR work, plus documenting openings, workshops and larger ongoing projects.

Case study: Malaysian Learning Exchange visit, 2013

In July 2013, a delegation of around 15 business professionals from Malaysia visited the UK to take part in the inaugural Knowledge Exchange Programme (Economic Prosperity through Enterprise Education), organised by ICE (International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise). I was engaged by ICE to document the 4 day trip, which included visits to The House of Lords, Oxford University, Durham University, Auckland Castle and Newcastle upon Tyne. In my own unique reportage style, I chronicled the delegates’ journey to produce a lasting record of their experience. These images have been used across blogs and articles about the Exchange Programme and also act as a rich resource for ICE to draw upon when marketing future activities.