Demonstrate learning in action

Image of pupil engaging with teacher in Art class.

Stand out from the crowd by demonstrating learning in action.

Learning comes in many forms and impacts us all throughout our whole lives; from nursery, school and college right through to adult education, from professional training to weekend arts workshops, we are learning more than ever. So, if you are a school, college, training organisation, arts or community-based learning organisation, freelance artist or workshop leader, demonstrating learning in action is vital.

My photography allows you to demonstrate to funding bodies and other stakeholders what it is that you do, whilst allowing you to attract new customers through strong image-led marketing campaigns.

My clients include Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead), GEM Arts (Newcastle) and St Robert of Newminster Catholic School (Washington).

Case study: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, is a public funded organisation based in the North of England. It’s very much an organisation of two halves; as a gallery, it showcases contemporary art from across the world, whilst as a learning organisation, it engages with the local community through its learning programme. One of the Learning Team’s activities is to offer free workshops to local kids at half-terms, allowing free access to people who might not normally engage with a gallery. I regularly document these sessions, capturing the joy and wonder that these kids experience, providing Baltic with images that they have used to promote both the Learning Team and Baltic as an organisation. The images have been used on Baltic’s website, on their HTML email campaigns and as posters inside the gallery. That’s a pretty good return for a small investment in some good imagery.